Answers to the Most Common Questions asked by students about Italy Scholarships

Being a scholarship holder in Italy, I answered all the questions in this article asked by students again and again. I'm trying to answer all...

Being a scholarship holder in Italy, I answered all the questions in this article asked by students again and again. I’m trying to answer all of your questions in this article, please have a look.

Q.1: Should I go for any consultant to apply for itlay scholarships?

Ans 1: Please keep in mind that there is no requirement for any consultants for Italy ( no need to give them 1 Lac Pak rupees or 2 lacs). Italy has a straightforward study application method. There is a portal for each university; simply sign up for the site and you will find the task choice; simply submit your educational documents and wait for the result.

Q.2: How can I apply for Merit and regional scholarship of itlay?

Ans 2: For Your information itlay has two types of scholarships:

  • 1. Regional Scholarship:
  • 2. Merit Base Scholarship:

You can apply to both scholarships either merit base or regional scholarships. Regional scholarships consider a need base somehow (E-g: I am in Padova so Padova is coming in the region name “Veneto”, so you must apply for a Veneto scholarship. Please keep in mind that Vento is Regional scholarships

However, Merit base scholarship is about your high grades in your previous degree, you will be considered automatically for merit scholarships.

Q.3 What is ISEE?

Ans.3: ISEE Stand for Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator. The ISEE is an indicator of the economic condition of the family. It is required for the regional scholarship. The candidate applying for regional scholarships needs to provide the documents, which are required.

These are two kinds of documents:

  • Your assets documents in Pakistan mentioned your all family member assistance (mean how many Lands or other properties you are having), if someone living in a rental house they must mention the rental amount for the month.
  • 2. Low-income certificate, which is for a year, means you have to mention that your income for the year is 3 lacs or 4 lacs and write down your source of income. That’s it.

But these documents must be legalized from the MOFA and then here from the Pakistan embassy in Milan. After this, your ISEE will be ready.

Q.4: How much Bank statement is Required for Itlay?

Ans.4: You must have 1 million Pakistan rupees in Pakistan, if you are a scholarship holder you have to attach the scholarship letter with your visa file it will make your case strong. As for mine, I had only 4 lacs Pakistani rupees in the bank statement but I have attached the official letter from the university. Note: I am not sure it will work but it worked for me.

Q.5: Is there Any permission letter required from the professor?

Ans.5: No, For Italy, there is no need for any approval letter from the professor.

Q.6: Is IELTS mandatory?

Ans.6: IELTS is not mandatory, but if you have it is a plus point.

Q.7: What are legalization, DOV, and CIMEA mean?

Ans.7: Legalization means you have to legalize the documents from HEC, IBBC MOFA, etc. After this, there are two other kinds of legalization which are required for Italy.

Note: HEC and IBCC legalization is Visa requirements. DOV is mostly issued by the embassy during the visa process, CIMEA is the European way of legalization which costs you 50k Pakistan estimated. But you can have it in a short time.   If you have DOV it is ok, there is no need for CIMEA then.

Q.8: How much Application and admission letter fee in Italy?

Ans. 8: For Padova, there is a 30 euros application fee, the candidate needs to pay then your application will be processed, later you will have to pay another 190 euros as an admission letter fee.

Note: These fees are very important otherwise, your application will not be processed further.

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