How to find and Choose the Best Program in Ersumus Mundas Catalogue

How to find and Choose the best suitable program to apply for an Erasmus Mundas Scholarships Program? which programs are available in the EM...

A lot of prospective students always ask How to find and Choose a suitable program to apply for an Erasmus Mundas Scholarships Program? which programs are available in the EM Catalogue of my field? I cannot find a Field of my own. There is a list of available programs, in the Erasmus Mundas Catalog you just need to click on the links of the different programs to find out if a particular program is right for you or not.

To read the description of one program it takes hardly 10 mins. Let’s say there are 100 available programs, so in total, you need 1000 mins, which is just 16 hours. If you spend 4 hours per day, you can read all the descriptions in 4 days. How is it possible that someone is not willing to spend just 4 days to decide about the 2 very important years of their life and eventually their future? Why does anyone need help with this? Why does anyone be interested in the unreliable partial information an alumni can provide when the actual full information is right there at your fingertips?

Tips to Choose Right Program:

Following are some tips that you should keep in mind when searching for the right program(s) in the EM catalog:

Tip: 1

The titles of the programs are just titles. Don’t assume just by reading the title that this program cannot be for you. e.g. there is a program called “Tourism Development and Culture”. Most students especially science students will skip this one. But if you read the requirements it says “Honours degree or non-UK equivalent in any subject. No prior knowledge of tourism is required”. If you read the description, you will be amazed that this program is as much about business as about history, as much about policy making and marketing as about e-tourism and shopping (scope for computer science students). It’s about urban development and cultural development. Also about environmental sciences. So much is there that was not in the title, how can you just skip reading the description without giving a thought about it?

Tip: 2

Most programs are interdisciplinary and applied in nature. The programs are designed in a way that students from different backgrounds and different academic specialties come together and learn how to apply their combined knowledge towards solving real-world problems. e.g. I had a previous degree in computer science.

The program I decided to go for was called “Masters in Language and Communication Technologies”. This program brings together students from computer science, Mathematics, statistics, cognitive sciences, and linguistics; and the common goal was to understand the human language(s) through algorithms, formulas, and computers.

If I was looking for a master’s in computer science or software engineering, I might also have skipped this one assuming why would I want to learn about linguistics but now I am a computational linguist and pursuing a successful career. Don’t look for generic programs!

Tip: 3

Every program is offered by a consortium of universities. Each university brings its own specialty to the table and also gives you a chance to involve in their research groups. If you are interested to continue towards PhD after finishing your Master, it is very important to carefully pick the programs and universities you will be part of.

There is always a higher chance that if you have a good research aptitude, you might find an interesting opportunity in one of the consortium universities in the future. If you are interested in a job after your master’s, focus more on the countries than the universities.

Tip: 4

You can apply for three programs every election cycle but that does not mean you “must” apply for three programs. Choosing the right program for you is very important. Wasting two years studying something that you are not truly passionate about just because you can get a scholarship is not a wise idea.

The two years will finish soon and then you might have to waste a lot more years to justify your decision. Decide wisely now something that not only you can passionately follow but that can give you internal satisfaction as well. So if you can find just one program that fits your future goals go for that, with the best application you can submit, rather than submitting three mediocre applications that will not lead you anywhere.


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