Easy Scholarships for Low GPA and No Research background Students, A way to Study Abroad

If you have a Low GPA and have no research publication then how you can win international scholarships? In this article, you will learn how can students...

If you have a Low GPA and have no research publication then how you can win international scholarships? In this article, you will learn how can students who have no research Background and Low GPA can improve their academic profile and win international scholarships.

What are GPA and CGPA and their role in scholarships and Admission?

GPA is an important instrument for determining your academic ability. That is because no university or professor has ever known you in your whole life. So your commitment and hard work are, you might say, concealed. They are there, but if they are not visible, they are hidden. As a result, when you apply. The first stage discusses a 3.0 GPA for students wishing to study in the United States (B average). Now that I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a large number of students, as well as instructors and PhD students, and master’s students, and I’m personally studying in the United States, I can tell you that your GPA is critical.

Normally a 3.0 or B average in grade distribution is a bare minimum that the university asks for just by looking into your application, when you want to buy a house, the retailer knows you have the money so he gives you the key to the house to see, so the key is a 3.0 GPA but having the key doesn’t mean that the house is yours right? So other factors determine whether you get the house or not, and many universities, particularly in the United States, have stated on their websites that 3.0 is just a bare minimum and accepted students have a GPA of well above 3.0, with some even stating that they accept students with an average range of 3.6 on up, making it an A-. And several CS and chemistry schools have indicated that we typically do not admit students with GPAs below 3.5, even if the GPA required to apply is a 3.0, but they have declared that for their PhD programs. So, many of you are probably thinking that the dream is over. No, absolutely not!

How to fix a Low GPA?

Now if you have a low GPA and we keep saying how important a high GPA is, it’s of no benefit to you. Because now your GPA is low and you want to know how to fix that. So how can you fix this?

1. Research

If you have Research that’s the best you can do. Great research and enough publications can get you above the bar. A detailed post on research has been written previously. Please address to that if more questions come up on research.

2. No Research and low GPA

That’s the biggest concern of all of the students, we have low GPAs, no research, help?

Well at this point you can’t increase your GPA if you have graduated and you don’t have a way to do research than internship or job is your solution. Or your GRE scores can help you out. You may not get the best internship but its experience and nothing can substitute experience.

Can we get accepted with the profile we have?

Well, you may I am not going to say there is no possibility because nothing is impossible but mathematically what’s your probability for that? If you have a low GPA and no research and want admission in PhD. Knowing PhD is intense on research can you satisfy the advisor or professor that with no experience in the lab or without a job or internship you can be seen as a strong candidate when you have a 3.7 standing with you with research and awards? Now it’s not to say, oh forget it is not possible. It’s for you to say, my grades don’t define my knowledge and I will prove that with great scores and great internships and good recommendation letters, and great test scores. That should be your spirit.

Apply and apply. It doesn’t hurt you to apply but what hurts you is not applying. Whether you think are a strong candidate or not still apply but work on your weakness in the meantime don’t just leave the weakness and hope for a miracle, it may happen but still, try to work your way and then hope for a miracle and a miracle will happen.

Which country gives scholarships Easily to International Students?

When I get this question, I think which country is easy, and then I know my friends studying in Europe and Asia and I realize well all of them really worked hard, they had sleepless nights, they worked very hard in their internships and SOP, CV, and Letter of motivation. So guys if someone ever told you, to go to this country where PhD is easy than they aren’t much aware. PhD is a high-level degree you can’t expect it to be easy, it has to be challenging and it’s challenging in every country. If I have a friend doing PhD in China, I can’t say he sleeps all day and gets his PhD where I work so hard in US. That’s just not right. No country or no scholarship is easy. For every country, Merit scholarships are very very competitive. All students want them and there aren’t many so that’s where the competition starts. So instead of hoping for an easy acceptance why not make our profiles so amazing that we don’t have to worry about easy acceptance? Do a master’s degree from not a top-notch university if your undergraduate gpa is low but don’t give up hope.

Don’t Look for shortcuts ways.

Success is a process, not something you can just jump on an elevator and rise to. We wouldn’t have had to put in the effort if it were that simple. No one has been accepted easily into a country to study there. Even though their GPA was poor, they made up for it in other ways. So I’ll agree when you state that this person’s GPA was poor yet they were accepted. You’re unaware of the other experiences, after all. In conclusion, success is difficult and requires both effort and hard work. I know we all get upset occasionally and let it out, but try not to become frustrated. Please make good use of the resources…You must search for it on your own. There are several scholarships available. You must, however, overcome them. If you understand what I mean.

These are some of my recommendations for students with low GPAs. It’s time for us to start accepting responsibility for our job, however, I won’t imply that one rule applies to all cases. Instead of waiting for someone to bring our dreams to us, let us start working toward them.

I honestly hope it was useful to anyone who questions their poor GPA and is discouraged by remarks like “shadi Karlo,” “koi faida nahi hai,” or “just make fun of those who are trying to get guidance because they actually want to work toward it.”

Thanks to Mehreen Tahir, Undergraduate  Chem TA, Researcher, and Chemical Supervisor, USA.

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