UNS Scholarships in Indonesia 2023-24 -A Detail Guidelines

Scholarships at Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) for International Students. Get Tuition Fee Waivers, Monthly Allowances, Language Courses, and More. Find Out How to Apply Today


At UNS (Universitas Sebelas Maret), we understand the financial challenges that international students can face when pursuing higher education. That’s why we’re pleased to offer scholarships to help make your dreams come true. Whether you’re looking to explore bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral programs, UNS offer two types of scholarships available:

  • The Full Scholarship:
  • The Partial Scholarship:

We will dicuss each scholarships detail one by one.

Type of Scholarships Avalibality

1. Full Scholarship:

  • What’s Included:
    • We’ll waive your tuition fees.
    • You’ll receive a monthly living allowance to help with expenses:
      • IDR 1,000,000 for bachelor’s programs.
      • IDR 1,250,000 for master’s programs.
      • IDR 1,750,000 for doctoral programs.
    • You can take a free Indonesian language course.
    • We’ll provide you with a comfortable shared room in a student dormitory.
    • Plus, enjoy daily breakfast at the student dormitory.

2. Partial Scholarship:

  • What’s Included:
    • We’ll waive your tuition fees.
    • You can also take a free Indonesian language course.

Important Notes:

  • UNS Scholarships are available for students in all programs except for the Faculty of Medicine or Medical Sciences, where the number of scholarships is limited.
  • While we’re here to help, please remember that there are other expenses you’ll need to cover, such as airfare, visas, accommodation, transportation, health insurance, and personal spending money.

Who Can Apply: (Eligiblity Criteria)

To be eligible for these scholarships, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You’re not an Indonesian citizen (sorry, Indonesian citizens aren’t eligible).
  • You’ve shown a strong interest in studying at UNS.
  • You’re ready and able to attend an interview via video call.
  • You don’t have refugee status or any major criminal convictions.
  • It’s important that you have some financial support.
  • Make sure to complete all the necessary documents.

Language Skills:

When applying, you’ll need to prove your English proficiency through one of these options:

  • A TOEFL certificate with a minimum score of 450 for natural science programs or 500 for social science programs.
  • Equivalent scores from other academic English proficiency tests. Once you’re admitted, we’ll offer you an Indonesian language course as part of the scholarship. This is because most of our classes are conducted in Indonesian, so the course will be a big help.
  • Submit your English Proficieny Certificate.

Documents You’ll Need:

To apply for this scholarship, you’ll need to submit various documents. Don’t worry; we’ve got templates available for you here. The list includes:

List of Required Documents:

  • A recent formal photograph.
  • A color scan of your passport (with at least 18 months of validity).
  • Graduation certificate from your last school (in English or Indonesian).
  • Academic transcripts from your previous institution (in English or Indonesian).
  • A recent health certificate (in English or Indonesian).
  • Your CV (we have a template for you).
  • A financial statement (use our template).
  • A personal statement (we’ve provided a template).
  • If you have a certificate of Indonesian language proficiency, that’s great (though not mandatory).
  • Your certificate of English language proficiency.
  • Two recommendation letters: one from a professor or work supervisor (for master’s and doctoral programs) and another one like it.
  • If you’re applying for a doctoral program, include a preliminary research proposal.
  • Don’t forget your motivation letter.
  • Finally, we’ll need a recommendation letter from the nearest Embassy of Indonesia.

By following these steps and submitting these documents, you’ll be well on your way to applying for the UNS Scholarship and embarking on an exciting academic journey with us.

Deadline: 30 September, 2023
Apply Link:

For more details please visit the official Website of UNS for more details and APPLY!

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