How to find a Professor in your field for Ms and Phd Supervision/ Assistantships?

Finding a professor in any field is an easy task, but writing an Email to the professor for a research Assistantship or for acceptance is one of the most challenging...

Finding a professor in any field is an easy task, but writing an Email to the professor for a research Assistantship or for acceptance is one of the most challenging tasks. Because most students doing some mistakes which not only lead to his/her rejection but this Bad impression of email creates problems for other students from the same country. Sometimes students copy and paste the same email to a different professor which distracts professors.

For the Acceptance letter/ Research Assistantship you need to find a professor who has the same research interest as you. if you find a professor who matches your research interest but they don’t have any space in his lab for new applicants then you don’t need to ask for acceptance from them. However, you can be asked for their next project if they have one.

Steps to find a Professor in your relevant fields.

Most of the students are confused that How they can find professors from any university around the world who accept them as supervisors in their research lab!! If you are looking for a way you can easily Find universities and instructors in any location around the world who are relevant to your field of study.

Step 1:

Suppose I’m looking for a professor of Machine learning in google.

Search on Google:
Example: “Machine learning Research Professor Project In Australia

After searching on google you will see a list of professors on the google page along with their Linkindn Profile.

Step 2:

Open each and everyone professor’s profile and read their CVs, Research publications, and Projects.

Step: 3

  • If you see some professors in your relevant field they have the same research areas as yours. You need to make an Excel sheet, in which you need to write their names and websites. You will also see their Email Addresses on his/her CV.
  • Pick the Email address and send an email along with your Cv.

If you don’t know how to write an email to the professor? Then Don’t worry you need to download the Email Template with the help of this website.

Important Points:

Before sending an email to the professor, you need to write his/her correct Name in the email. For this, you need to copy and paste his name while writing an email to the professor. it’s important because if you address someone with the wrong name ( Mistakenly), they already know that this person didn’t see my profile correctly.

Secondly, you need to read the professor, profile carefully, and try to read one or two of his/her recent publications and mentioned the publication title in your email ( See E-Mail Sample Above).

Try to send an Email once, if the professor is interested in you he/she will reply to you within 3 days. otherwise, you will be ignored. if you try to send an email again and again it will block your email. After that, this professor ignores the emails of other students from the same country. For God’s sake, be professional and send one email at once.

If the professor replies to you back, then read his/her email very carefully and then asked from seniors and Pakistani professors who have already experienced abroad. They will guide you further.

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