Best Scholarships for Low CGPA Master Applicant | Important Suggestions

Most of the students complain about the requirements of different international scholarships. Those students who are fresh graduates and don't have any research experience or anything...

Most of the students complain about the requirements of different international scholarships. Those students who are fresh graduates and don’t have any research experience and nothing to put in their Cv to compete with other international students. if you are confused then please read the following tips and points which make you take decisions easily.

Tips for Master Scholarships Applicant:
  1. Don’t waste your sufficient time searching mainly European countries, the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. You are going for masters studies and there are very rare scholarship opportunities for masters students except the few like DAAD, Commonwealth, and Full Bright….But note, these scholarships are very very competitive and I don’t expect your mentioned GPA could make your profile stronger to win any of them!
  2. If you are still interested in scrutinizing your luck, you should have started preparations for GRE and TOEFL. These two tests are mandatory for certain candidates like……!
  3. I would recommend you focus on China. The criteria for availing of CSC are quite easiest and straightforward. They don’t require any strong academic background or the additional documents mentioned in Statement 2. Also, their admissions for fall semesters start from January to May, and you can easily get your transcripts and degrees.
  4. For the time being now, start searching all those universities in China offering your field of study. Visit the professor’s personal profile and start sending cool emails. The more you sent emails to professors, the more chances to obtain acceptance letters. Chinese professors are very cool and responding emails soon.
  5. My advice on sending cool emails; is don’t worry if you haven’t any proposals which aren’t necessary for masters applicants. Just search online (Google/YouTube etc) the format of masters applicants’ emails to professors. Copied the entire example completely and made some changes as per your expertise and interests. Try to check the email to others for possible grammatical or other mistakes….avoid them all.

Just attach your CV with the email and state something like that, “I also attached my CV to help you know more about my interests and experience”.

To make your profile stronger, update your CV as much as you can and follow the latest styles including the many information if any. Also, use an academic CV whose samples are available everywhere. Try to mention all your technical skills, for example, programming/languages, internships, teaching, fellowships, etc are playing a pivotal role in your CV.

Important Points.

  • Don’t include your grades in percentage if they are less than 80%. Just write A+, A, and B grades.
  • Don’t include anything in your CV which seems to minimize your chances. If you think they should be included, then use alternative methods.

For Example, You have no publications and you want that something relating to this should be included in my CV. You can do this by adding your Undergrad thesis/project. Just write in this format “Your thesis title….ABCDE…… (under-process).

Don’t lose your courage and be strong. Keep trying again and again.

Most international students have avoided CSC scholarships because of china’s government policy toward CSC applicant intakes. International students are stuck in their home countries and taking online classes. When will be the border open for international students?

When will China Border open for CSC Scholarships Holder?

China is opening borders in the near future. The border is already open for businessmen and job holders including post-doctorate students. Only the other students are not yet allowed which is announcing soon. Besides, if you secured admission to any Chinese University, you can freeze/pause your studies for one year without affecting your enrollment and scholarship. More recently, they announced that we may be offering a partial stipend to students enrolled in online classes. Once the student becomes able to start on-campus studies and enter China, we reimbursed half the stipend to them. At that stage, it’s not possible to offer the stipend because of the bank account issues which will be open in China.

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