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There are various international scholarships and grants in the Netherlands that may not require students to provide IELTS scores or certificates.

The government of the Netherlands and its Public sector universities offers various scholarships for international students. The list of the scholarships and their basic guidelines and tips are shared in this article you need to check it out. There are various international scholarships and grants in the Netherlands that may not require students to provide IELTS scores or certificates. For more information please contact the university and ask if they accept the English Proficiency Certificate obtained from your home university. Since there are many students in the Netherlands selected without IELTS / TOEFL).

What Are Your Chances Of Studying In The Netherlands Without IELTS:
  • If you graduated from an English-medium university, you can submit your English language proficiency.
  • It is available through your previous institution. Documentation of English competence from your previous university is necessary. Contact your university Registrar’s office or your Previous Department they will provide the letter.
  • If you want to apply for admission and a scholarship at an international university, you must produce proof that you have previously studied the English language as well as a certificate from your home institution attesting to your English language skills.
  • In this instance, Most of the universities will accept your application on the base of your English Proficiency Certificate for admission and a scholarship.

1. Holland Scholarships Netherland

The Holland Government Scholarship 2022 is supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Education. This Scholarship is available to overseas students who are enthusiastic about studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the Netherlands, with the exception of those from the European Economic Area. The Netherlands’ Ministry of Education is responsible for funding these scholarships.

Name: Holland Scholarships

Program: Bachelor’s & Master

Country stay: Netherlands

IELTS: Optional for some programs

( Ask from University about the requirements of IELTS for your programs).

Scholarship Amount: 5000 Euro

For Detail & Apply visit the official website with the following Buttons

2. Maastricht University Scholarships

The High Potential Scholarships at Maastricht University are funded by the Dutch government. The grant is available to all international students from any country who have diplomatic relations with the Netherlands. The Maastricht University offers 24 fully funded scholarship programs to international students.

Please consider the following things before applying for a UM scholarship.

  • Before applying for a scholarship, you must first apply for a study program at UM.
  • You may only apply for one UM scholarship; additional applications will be rejected.
  • Check to see if your nationality qualifies for the scholarship.
  • Verify whether your educational program is participating in the scholarship;
  • If the scholarship simply covers tuition, be sure you can afford your own living expenses (rent, food, and insurance) for the duration of your study.

MU is considered one of the best universities in the Netherlands, You can check the rest of the information about MU Scholarships and their application process on their official website which is given below.

3. Netherland Government Scholarships

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs is offering fully financed grants called Netherlands Government Scholarships 2022 that allow foreign students from all around the world to study for a Master’s degree or a short program. The Orange Knowledge Programme 2022 seeks to support the inclusive and sustainable growth of society. The initiative provides middle-career scholarships to professionals in particular nations.

Which courses are available?

Scholarships are available for a selection of:

  • Short courses (duration 2 weeks to 12 months);
  • Masterโ€™s programs (duration 12 to 24 months).

All courses that are eligible for an Orange Knowledge Programme scholarship are listed in Study finder. Please search in Study finder, using the filter ‘OKP qualified – Yes’.

How can you apply?

You can apply to this program. You need to fill out the complete application given below the website Button.


You can find a list of courses and institutions that are linked to the Orange Knowledge Programme in Study finder, using the filter ‘OKP qualified – Yes’. You can also find the contact details of the institutions there.

You can do this with the help of the following button ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

What are the criteria?

The Eligibility criteria are so simple. You need to contact your Dutch education institution. Each institution may have different specific criteria. First, you need to see all the requirements available on the particular institutions and then apply to them. The Eligibility criteria vary from country to country and change from time to time. For recent updates please visit the above website for information.

Note: Please keep in mind that before starting your application to this program, you need to check the deadline before. However, for detail visit the Netherland Government scholarship official website with the help of the following button and check whether you are perfect for this program or not.

You can see the complete details about the application procedure on the official website, However, the following common steps follow by every applicant whenever they are applying.



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