11 Important Key points for writing Statement of Purpose for Fully Funded Scholarships.

Start with your motivation and why you chose to be an engineer (your undergrad degree) and what led you to do the specific degree precisely.

if you want to win any international scholarships, but you don’t know how to write a Statement of purpose for the international scholarship then please keep in mind the following tips while writing an SOP for any scholarship written by the scholarship winner.

The one I am writing is not an ideal one but the purpose is to define key points you should
consider. And obviously, you can alter them according to your thinking/situation.

  1. Start with your motivation and why you chose to be an engineer (your undergrad degree) and what led you to do the specific degree precisely.
  2. Describe your educational background briefly and state what you learned during your undergrad. I don’t recommend writing subject names like I studied thermodynamics and is related to the master’s program I am applying for; they can see that from the transcript.
  3. Write subjects only if you have a special thing to tell out of that course or there is any other thing except just mentioning them. For Final Year Project (FYP), don’t just write I did this and this because you will mention what you did in your CV.
  4. Mentioned what problem you solved or its prospect, also what you learned and how can you apply that knowledge in your intended area of study.
  5. Write about your job, if you have any, and what internships you did, and tell what you learned there rather than just writing your job responsibilities, which is a part of the CV. Also, write about extracurricular activities and what you learned from them.
  6. After writing this, link your past with your future properly, starting with why you chose this specific MS program.
  7. Describe what you are expecting from the program, how will it help you overcome your weakness (don’t state directly that this is my weakness, etc.), and what skillset you will have developed after this program (to do that, read their aims of outcomes from the website of the program).
  8. Then further link this MS program with your career goals. Describe your career goals properly and state how this MS program can be a bridge to achieving your career goals.
  9. Lastly, conclude your SOP with clear objecting which should be in line with all the things you have written.
  10. Linking everything is very important so make sure there is a flow and linkage between each line and paragraph.
  • Make sure you get it proofread by someone as it will help you to know what the reader perceives of the SOP you have written. Try to see if it reflects what you wanted to say.

I have tried to explain the key points I know. If you have any confusion, please feel free to contact
me. If you want to get your SOP reviewed, you can contact me through the email provided above.
I wish you good luck.

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