Why is your scholarship application rejected every time? Tips & Tricks

The reason behind your rejection is simple enough. There is a lot of competition out there and you have to improve your profile before applying for any scholarship...

A lot of students are struggling for so long. They have gone through every guide and every tip. But Still they are not being able to score any scholarship/admission. Their scholarship application is rejected every time. But they don’t know the reasons. So what is the reason why the scholarship/Admission committee reject your application?

The reason behind your rejection is simple enough. There is a lot of competition out there and you have to improve your profile before applying to any scholarship or university for Admission. This is a universal fact that without preparation you can’t succeed in your career. Even if your GPA, GRE, and IELTS are sufficient enough, a guy with strong references is going to take away your position.

There are only two ways that work in academia,

  1. You have a strong reference, i.e. your professor personally knows the professor abroad.

2. You have an exceptional profile.

Let’s talk about references first

What are a Reference letter and its importance in Scholarship/ Admission?

There are two types of references.

A. The first is a formal reference, which practically every professor provides to their students. In academics, this reference letter is regarded as a formality (simply a piece of paper). Such letters are used to meet the criteria.

B. The second type is known as a personal reference. This resource works like a charm. Giving a professor personal reference is considered impolite in academia. This is precisely why academics are hesitant to issue such recommendations. Their reputation is at risk in this case. If a professor provides a personal reference, it signifies that they are certain that you will not harm their reputation.

2. You have an exceptional profile.

Completing a final-year project and your thesis is the bare minimum. A good GPA without reference can’t help you sometimes as well. As a solution, Publish!

In academia, it’s a famous saying, “Publish or perish”.

To be completely honest, this quote goes as much for students as much as it is for the professors. If your thesis and final year project were amazing. Internationally, it has no worth until and unless its peer-reviewed.

Work with your professor, after graduation, to publish your work in an acceptable International standard journal or conference. If your professor does not have the capability to publish in high-impact, factor journals or ranked conferences. You can publish a lot of work at local conferences.


Please avoid publishing in journals that publish prey. Without exaggeration, if you publish even one piece in a predatory publication, your international academic career is over.

Please look up what ranked conferences mean. Because ranked conferences are so prestigious, a single publication at a C-ranked conference may be sufficient to obtain a Masters or Ph.D.

Examine the major newspapers in your area. Go to the notable academics’ Google Scholar profiles and check for the publications in which they have recently been published. If you publish in one of these venues, you may have a breakthrough in your early career.

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