VRSP- Visiting Student Research Program, Internship in Saudia Arabia

King Abdul Ullah University offering a research internship program lasting from three to six months, specifically designed for undergraduate and Master's students from around the world studying science and engineering.

King Abdul Ullah University offering a research internship program lasting from three to six months, specifically designed for undergraduate and Master’s students from around the world studying science and engineering.

The aim of these internships is to enhance your research abilities by providing you with the opportunity to contribute your own ideas in our outstanding laboratories. This internship is fully funded.We welcome highly accomplished students who are enthusiastic about their academic and research achievements.

Financial Benfits:

The internship covers the following expenses:

  • Monthly stipend of $1,000 USD
  • Visa fees covered
  • Round trip flight to KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
  • Private bedroom and bathroom in a shared apartment on campus
  • Health insurance provided

Benfits of Internship

The benefits of the internship include:

  • Enhancing research skills and techniques in world-class laboratories
  • Living and conducting research in a safe international environment
  • Engaging in social and cultural activities
  • Access to community retail and recreation facilities

Eligibilty Criteria:

The following Students are eligible:

  • 3rd year undergraduate or Master’s students.
  • International students with a passion for research in science and engineering.
  • þ Students with a strong academic background and high English proficiency.

How to Apply?

Follow below Step to apply on this program:

Step 1: Find a project:

Visit our website vsrp.kaust.edu.sa, where you will find a wide range of research projects available for on-campus and virtual internships. Take your time to explore and choose a project that aligns with your interests and academic background.

Step 2: Create an account:

Register yourself on our application system. This will allow you to access the internship application and provide the necessary information.

Step 3: Start an application:

Begin the application process by filling in the required information and uploading the requested documents. The documents typically include:

  1. Official academic transcripts: Provide transcripts of your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (if applicable) to showcase your academic achievements.
  2. Passport: Upload a copy of your passport for identification purposes.
  3. CV: Prepare a comprehensive CV that highlights your educational background, research experience, and any relevant skills. Download Euro Pass Cv
  4. Statement of purpose: Write a statement explaining your motivation for applying to the internship, your research interests, and how this opportunity aligns with your career goals.
  1. Letter of recommendation: Request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member at your home university who can speak to your academic abilities and research potential.

Stay connected for the next steps:

Once you have submitted your application, our team will review it within approximately 3 weeks. If your application meets our criteria, you will be invited to an interview with our admissions team. The interview allows us to learn more about your qualifications and aspirations.

What happens next?

  • If you are accepted for an in-person internship:
  • We will guide you through the visa process, providing the necessary support and documentation to facilitate your travel to KAUST.
  • We will also take care of booking your round-trip flight to KAUST, ensuring a smooth travel experience for you.
  • If you have applied for a remote internship:
  • We will proceed with the onboarding process to set you up as a remote intern, ensuring you have the necessary resources and support to conduct your research remotely.

Please note that the specific instructions and timelines may vary, so it’s always important to refer to the official website and follow the guidelines provided there.

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