How to start preparation to get scholarships and study abroad for free. A Strategy for Beginners.

Choose two to three disciplines of your interest (if you are a master's student) and/or Outline a basic research proposal if research student (at this stage....

Top 9 Steps for Beginners to win a scholarship

  1. Create a strong Academic CV (Euro-Pass CV)- Recommended.
  2. You must also get ready and take the IELTS, TOEFL, or GRE (depending on the university’s or country’s criteria), in order to get admitted to a high- or good-ranked university in any country. However, there are some scholarships without GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. But if you are looking for a top-ranked university (Top 100) then you need to go for IELTS, GRE & TOEFL. Because only good grades won’t help you get a scholarship.
  3. Choose two to three disciplines of your interest (if you are a master’s student) and/or Outline a basic research proposal if research student (at this stage it should be for yourself to be clear which area you want to study ahead and you become familiar with issues and current ongoing work in the area. Read this if you don’t know “How to choose a Research topic in your field?”. However, You can always modify this later according to the changes required e.g. after discussing it with Professor. This is also necessary to create a good impression with your prospective supervisor when u discuss your intentions).
  4. Considering the mentioned topics and the outlined proposal, focus on the universities and departments where you want to pursue (Applying for Scholarships) in your field of study (to learn about their specific eligibility requirements. The Eligibility of each different is given on the university website under Admission Section). Try to gather all the materials needed for admission and submit an application to receive an admission offer. Some scholarships demand that candidates have an admission offer.
  5. Check the websites of any potential schools to see whether they provide financial aid or scholarships (note most of the universities offer them but they are very competitive). But it doesn’t mean that your chances of selection are less.
  6. Also, look for scholarships offered by the government or international organizations. You can check the list of some Best scholarships.
List of Top All Best Fully-Funded Scholarships
  • DAAD Germany Scholarship
  • Japan MEXT Scholarship
  • Chinese Scholarships
  • Ful-Bright USA Scholarship
  • Hungary Scholarship
  • Turkey Burslari Scholarships
  • Taiwan Scholarships
  • Qatar Government Scholarships
  • Korea Government Scholarships
  • Canada Government Scholarship
  • Inno-Energy Scholarships
  • Netherland Scholarships
  • Brunei Government Scholarships
  • SABANCI University Turkey

7. Carefully fill out and double-check all forms (no spelling mistakes, no formatting mistakes, and all required documents are in order). A quality scholarship application must be prepared in at least two to three weeks.

8. Use MOOCs to raise your profile. Do online courses from Coursera or from other platforms.

9. Be ready to put in the time, effort, and rejection, but don’t give up and keep trying; it often takes between six months and two years to receive one.

if you have any questions about any scholarships or need guidance please Contact us or write in the comment below. we will back to you soon.

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